Algorfa Nearby Towns

Guardamar Town

The little town of Guardamar Spain, lies about 15 kilometers north of Torrevieja.

With about 10000 habitants Guardamar (also known as Guardamar del Segura) is one of the very well known places along the Costablanca. The city is famous for its 10 km long beach, which is pine forest enclosed. Today Guardamar’s main tourist attraction is the long sandy beach with its wonderful pine trees and palm trees along.


Elche Town

This is now the third most important city in the Valencian Community thanks to its population and has a prosperous shoe manufacturing business, but the sweets and clothing business are not too far behind.
e is recognized world-wide thanks to a religious reinactment of the life of the Virgin Mary ( called the Mystery of Elche ) in the Basilica of Saint Mary; something not usually allowed in sacred places.This church was built over an old mosque according to the design of Saint Nicolas church in Alicante and is an excellent example of Basilica de Santa Maria in ElcheValencian Baroque from the 18th century. The Mystery of Elche is celebrated in two acts; the first on the 14th of August and the second on the 15th of August in this great basilica. It relates her death, assumption into heaven and her coronation as the Virgin Mary.

Torrevieja Town

The entire area around Torrevieja and Orihuela is famous for their salt production. Huge salt lakes surround the road down from Alicante.

From a sightseeing point of view you best start your way exploring Torrevieja by foot beginning at the harbor. Along with Church of “la inmaculata conception” a visit to the museum of sea and salt (museo del mar y sal) and the fish market. On our last visit we were for this crowded event of auctioning fish.


Orihuela City

Orihuela has over 50,000 people and is a major city. It has one of the largest cultural heritages in this area and was home to the famous Spanish poet Miguel Hernandez. It reached its peak of importance in the VIII century because it was the main headquarters of the Dukedom of Teodomiro. This nobleman converted Orihuela into the capital of the Christian kingdom. Later on, during the Muslim overtake, the city was able to conserve its independence until the IX century.It was reconquered by Jaime I in 1265 and given to Castilla although it was repopulated by people from Catalunya and Aragon. In the XVI century, it was graced with being the Episcopal Headquarters. Up until now, it has taken great pride in maintaining all its monuments.


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